Put a stop to everyday sexism in the workplace!

Tuesday, 25 january 2022

Groupe BPCE has joined the #StOpE initiative, a collective of a hundred or so companies, associations and schools committed to the long-term fight against ‘everyday’ sexism in the workplace.

On January 25, as part of the National Day against Sexism, Groupe BPCE endorsed the #StOpE initiative’s pledge of action to combat ‘Ordinary’ sexism in the Workplace and, by so doing, reasserted its commitment to fostering a respectful working environment for both women and men. Launched by Accor, EY and L’Oréal in 2018, the collective pursues a number of objectives that include making educational materials available to employees, organizing targeted training sessions on obligations and good practices, and enforcing zero tolerance for sexism. 

By joining this collective, Groupe BPCE signals that it fully intends to pursue its years-old policy of actively combating sexism and harassment. 

Since 2018, each Group company has appointed specially trained HR and Social & Economic Committee ‘harassment’ officers responsible for guiding, informing, and supporting employees. In 2021, the Banques Populaires and Caisses d’Epargne signed two industry-wide agreements on professional equality between women and men that include a chapter dedicated to combating sexism and a pledge to implement a zero-tolerance policy in this area. An e-learning training program to heighten awareness about sexist behavior and its consequences has already been completed by 9,000 Group managers and employees in six months. And, in partnership with the Me & You Too company, the Group is providing its companies with a questionnaire designed to raise awareness about sexist stereotypes and behavior. More than 5,700 employees have already completed self-assessments of their unconscious bias.