Socio-economic monitoring from May 8 to 15 with a focus on local & regional France

Monday, 11 may 2020

It was a short week but one rich in economic indicators and the findings of surveys on the state of mind of the French and a highly informative focus on local & regional France.

Every week, BPCE’s economists provide regular analyses of the Covid-19 crisis and its socio-economic impacts in France and around the world, complemented by a focus study on a particular theme or topic.
This weekly report includes:  
•    A summary review of macro-economic trends (still exceptionally negative but reinforcing Chinese power) and the attitudes of the French, who are increasingly torn between the paramount importance of public health and the harsh reality of the country’s economic impoverishment. 
•    A very interesting focus on the local & regional level: the impact on people’s health and the impact of lost economic activity do not overlap on the map of France, with regions where public support systems are more widely used, départements that seem to be less affected by the crisis…
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