Socio-economic monitoring of the period from May 15 to 22 and a focus on the sports economy

Monday, 18 may 2020

It is now easier to appreciate the economic impact of the crisis and the shape of the post-lockdown economic environment… This week, we focus our economic research on a particularly hard-hit sector: the sports economy.

Every week, BPCE’s economists provide regular analyses of the Covid-19 crisis and its socio-economic impacts in France and around the world, complemented by a focus study on a particular theme or topic.
In this weekly report, our economists observed:  
With respect to macro-economic trends, increased pessimism towards the real economy worldwide and a difficult restart of economic activities in France and, at a sociological level, a tendency for the French to remain prudent and vigilant vis-à-vis transport, work, consumption, and their future projects. 
They also noted that the sports economy – including sports associations as well as businesses in the sports industry – has been hit particularly hard.