Solidarity-based savings: Groupe BPCE continues to rank No.1 in terms of inflows and management

Friday, 11 september 2020

8th edition of Zoom by Finansol’s Observatoire de la finance solidaire: Groupe BPCE remains No.1 for inflows and management of solidarity-based savings

Groupe BPCE boasts a market share of 33.3% for inflows and 34.9% for the management of solidarity-based savings & deposits in France, worth a total of €15.6 billion at the end of 2019 according to the 8th edition of the Zoom report drawn up by Finansol’s Observatoire de la finance solidaire  (“Observatory of solidarity-based finance”). Crédit Coopératif remains the principal bank for inflows (excluding employee savings schemes) with a market share of 8.3% while Natixis Interépargne accounts for 16.5% of all solidarity-based savings in France.

With 21.8% of solidarity-based savings under management, Mirova confirmed its position as the leading asset management company in this area.

In France as a whole, 2019 proved to be a dynamic year with solidarity-based savings deposits up 24% to 15.6 billion euros, representing 0.29% of aggregate household financial savings (up from 0.25% the previous year). Individual and institutional investors subscribed for more than 3.6 million savings or investment products; 62.3% of outstandings came from employee savings schemes, 32.5% from bank savings plans, and 5.2% from investments directly offered by solidarity-based investment funds. In 2019, donations worth just over 4.6 million euros were made to 129 beneficiary associations through the various sharing mechanisms set up for this purpose.

Solidarity-based financing outstandings came to €2.1 billion (+18%) as at Dec. 31, 2019.