Solitaire du Figaro: Corentin Horeau sets his sights on the stars!

Wednesday, 30 august 2023

This Sunday, Corentin Horeau took part in the 54th edition of the Solitaire du Figaro Paprec.

As every year, the most celebrated one-design race promised to offer a fierce contest with a dozen skippers all capable of winning the competition. Corentin will be doing his utmost of secure a place among the leaders, with the support of Team Banque Populaire and the best possible preparation for the event.  
In his first race under the Banque Populaire banner at the end of July, Corentin won the Grande Course de la Solo Guy Cotten-Concarneau after battling over a course of nearly 380 nautical miles, offering him an opportunity to boost his confidence and motivation before the main race of the season: the Solitaire du Figaro Paprec. The goal? 1,800 nautical miles to be covered in three legs, the first taking the competitors to Kinsale (Ireland), the second to Morlaix Bay (Brittany) and the last to Piriac-sur-Mer (northwest Brittany) via Gijon (Spain). 
Corentin knows just how tough the race can be, considering that he’s competing for the 7th time and has already had two top 10 finishes (8th in 2021) and a podium (2nd in 2014). ”It’s the kind of race where anything can happen: reversals of fortune, duels right up to the finish line, and strange things too,” says the skipper. According to his calculations, about ten of the competing skippers have a serious hope of winning. His state of mind can be summed up in his personal aphorism: “Fear no one but consider everyone a threat.” He’s preparing for this new race in the same way he has since the beginning of the year. ”I work a lot with a mental coach. The idea is to focus constantly on how you sail and on having a good time.” Rigor, audacity, and consistency will be his watchwords. In short, shining in the Solitaire is like a subtle alignment of the stars, and Corentin is striving relentlessly to bring his stars into this perfect alignment!

© Banque Populaire @VoileBanquePop