Sustainable finance: Banque Populaire supports the transition of farming practices

Monday, 29 march 2021

With the launch of the Agrilismat Green offer, Banque Populaire wants to develop the financing of eco-friendly agricultural equipment in its drive to promote sustainable farming and energy savings.

 In keeping with the stimulus plan launched by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food that uses a bonus payment scheme to encourage investment in eco-friendly farming equipment, Banque Populaire, which enjoys a strong presence in the farming community, is offering a promotional rate on Agrilismat – an integrated loan for agricultural machinery available for the past 15 years – on a selection of eligible equipment, and has launched a large-scale advertising campaign in the specialized press. 

In order to support the farming community’s transition towards a more sustainable model capable of preserving resources, protecting the environment, and promoting the production of healthy food, Banque Populaire has set itself the goal of awarding new green loans worth a total of €1 billion by 2024, i.e. 20% of the aggregate production of professional agricultural loans made over the same period. This “green” financing will help enhance the eco-friendly weighting of Groupe BPCE’s balance sheet.

Working hand-in-hand with the agricultural and wine industry 

With the launch of this corporate film, Banque Populaire wanted to illustrate its commitment to farmers and other partners in rural communities and to give its customers a sense of pride in their association with Banque Populaire and to encourage new customers to join them.  

Watch the film

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