The Belem is one of the finalists in the “Favorite Monument of the French 2023” competition

Thursday, 6 july 2023

You can vote (as many times as you like…) to make The Belem the “Favorite Monument of the French 2023″ up until 12 o’clock midday, July 21st!

Officially listed as a historic monument, the three-masted Belem – the last great 19th-century merchant sailing ship still seaworthy, supported by its patron the Caisse d’Epargne via the Belem Foundation – is representing the Pays de la Loire region in northwestern France in the “Favorite Monument of the French 2023” competition.
The results of the vote will be announced on September 16 by the well-known journalist Stéphane Bern on the France 3 TV channel, during the European Heritage Days.   
To vote, click 

To vote, click here (click on the photo, then confirm to register your vote)!

Note that this iconic three-masted ship will be carrying the Olympic flame to Marseilles, the first French city to welcome it, on May 8, 2024.