The Habitat en Région Group works in favor of greater social solidarity

Wednesday, 23 february 2022

The Habitat en Région Group, a subsidiary of the Caisses d’Epargne and the 2nd largest private social housing operator in France, has set up a €3m solidarity fund to support tenants financially weakened by the health crisis.

This fund, which is the first key measure in its new strategic plan, has already provided support worth a total of €400,000 to more than one thousand tenants. In practice, this means that tenants who have fallen behind on their rent owing to the Covid crisis are given support in the form of a partial or total waiver of their arrears, after an analysis of their circumstances. As the health crisis has not spared the younger members of our society, tenants aged 18 to 25 can benefit from a rent rebate of between €250 and €400. There also exist many other social solidarity measures in addition to this fund: actions aimed at senior citizens, young single mothers and, more generally, all tenants confronted with financial difficulties.


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