“The hymn to success”: the new Banque Populaire film

Monday, 5 october 2020

With this new promotional brand film, Banque Populaire reasserts its support and commitment to entrepreneurs: craftsmen, farmers, shopkeepers, and business owners.

The film presents mini-vignettes retracing the everyday lives of craftsmen, shopkeepers, small business owners and apprentices, and focuses attention on the energy that inspires them. The melody of Stevie Wonder’s song Free, the brand’s iconic music for 28 years, is at the heart of the new film, with successive verses of the song picked up and sung by each of the entrepreneurs in turn until it becomes the expression of their shared drive and ambition.

The film, broadcast from October 4 to 18 (then in two successive waves until December) on the major French TV channels, is also echoed by a digital signage system in the branches and repeated on the bank’s websites and social networks.