The Paris 2024 family all present and motivated

Wednesday, 24 april 2019

Tony Estanguet, President of Paris 2024, assembled all the parties involved in building the Paris 2024 Games – including Groupe BPCE – for a meeting at the Docks de Paris site in Aubervilliers near Paris on April 18.

The first objective was to provide an update on progress made to date and to share the common goal of leveraging sport in society.  “Much more than an image and sponsoring partnership, this project must infuse all aspects of our activities over the next five years and beyond“, underlined Laurent Mignon, Chairman of the Management Board, Groupe BPCE, during his speech.
The event also provided the opportunity to begin preparations for two initiatives conceived for everyone to live the Olympic and Paralympic adventure to the full. The two unique initiatives are due for launch in June.

The first initiative, the Terre de Jeux (Land of the Games) label, is designed to enable local government bodies and the sports movement to share in the momentum generated by the Games and ensure that their local area reaps the benefit and the French public is fully engaged in the Games adventure. The second initiative, which was unveiled after Tony Estanguet’s presentation of the Paris 2024 community, acknowledges the role played by firefighters following the fire that ravaged Notre Dame in Paris. It will see the Paris 2024 community devote its first running challenge to ADOSSPP, the Paris firefighters’ association set up to develop social and charitable projects.

For more than a year now, the various parties involved in the Games have been structuring and organizing themselves in order to bring the project to life. The second stage, which is now underway, focuses on encouraging participation and a sense of engagement in the various regions of France and among the French public.

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To know more

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