The Vendée Globe schools young people in adventure!

Thursday, 26 november 2020

Since her departure on Sunday, November 8, more than 13,000 school students in 415 different classes have been following Clarisse Crémer in her adventure on Banque Populaire X.

Banque Populaire offers interested teachers everything they need to keep track of the race in the form of a digital briefcase that includes a map of the race, a booklet of entertaining and educational activities, an information booklet about Clarisse, and a detailed diagram of the Mono Banque Populaire X. This information pack offered to schools is enjoying a great success. 

Every two weeks, Clarisse will add a personal touch by sending a video from her boat to answer pupils’ questions and keep them updated about her epic voyage: a great way to get young people interested in undertaking new ventures!

#GoClarisse !