Théo Curin: “Turning a difference into a strength”

Friday, 15 october 2021

The young Paralympic swimmer, supported by Groupe BPCE under the aegis of the Performance Pact, talked about his life history and experiences with Group employees.

With his incredible energy and determination to do away with codes and conventions, Théo Curin spoke freely for an hour with the Group’s admiring employees and answered the many questions they put to him.
Amputated of all four limbs at the age of 6 following a virulent meningitis attack, Théo Curin never refuses a challenge. At 21, the young bronze medalist at the 2019 World Para Swimming Championships is also an actor, fashion model and TV commentator… A multitude of parallel lives serving two objectives: to change the way we look at people different from ourselves, and to live life to the full! 

Today, Théo Curin is about to embark upon a new crazy adventure: to complete an unassisted swim across Lake Titicaca with two companions! This is a real challenge that embodies the essential values of sport and the desire to push oneself to the limit while simultaneously promoting environmental awareness and social solidarity.

To follow his latest exploit, click HERE!