Vendée Globe: Clarisse Crémer makes her way to Les Sables d’Olonne

Friday, 22 january 2021

Retrace Clarisse’s week on the high seas thanks to the analysis given by Pierre-Emmanuel Hérissé, Technical Director of Team Banque Populaire.

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To comment on Clarisse’s eleventh week of sailing, Pierre-Emmanuel Hérissé, Technical Director of Team Banque Populaire, looks back on her need to climb her mast to mend a torn sail, having to face a dead calm off the coast of Brazil, and on her second crossing of the equator!

After completing nearly 90% of the race, Clarisse sailed into the Doldrums, one of the last difficult phases in this round-the-world race. She will then have to deal with the Azores High before launching into her final sprint to Les Sables d’Olonne. She is expected to arrive in the Vendée in the first few days of February.

She is currently ranked in 12th position.

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