Vitality, freedom, and commitment: Groupe BPCE confirms the pillars of its identity as an employer

Monday, 18 january 2021

Groupe BPCE has created an employer brand to express its essential characteristics and its singularity. This value proposition is designed for a wide range of audiences including, in particular, the 11,000 candidates recruited by the Group every year.

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Because figures and percentages are incapable of doing justice to the true essence of an identity, Groupe BPCE has created an employer brand to convey its characteristics and its image to its current employees and potential candidates.

Groupe BPCE takes on 11,000 new recruits every year on permanent, work-study, and fixed-term contracts thanks to its panoply of strong and recognized brands: Banque Populaire, Caisse d’Epargne, Natixis, Banque Palatine, and Oney. This recruitment is the beginning of a frequently rich and stimulating career path, as illustrated by the three pillars of the Group’s employer brand: vitality, freedom, and commitment. As a Premium Partner of the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Group has given a resolutely sporty air to its graphic universe.

What are the realities supported by these three pillars? Let’s try to answer.

The vitality of an open ecosystem

A multi-brand, multi-activity banker and insurer, Groupe BPCE puts its dynamism at the service of all its customers, even the most fragile. Built around an open ecosystem, it boast a wealth of highly different companies where everyone can realize their professional projects thanks to programs favoring inclusion, whether through the promotion of individual opportunities or through gender equality. 

The freedom of the playground

With its territorial coverage in France, its international presence, and the diversity of its professional activities, Groupe BPCE offers a formidable array of possibilities. Everyone is free to grow individually and to build a rich career path, supported by an active training and mobility policy. Freedom also comes through the intrinsic interest of the missions on offer, personal autonomy, and the possibility to contribute: in short, the opportunity to work under the best conditions.

Diversity of commitments

Commitment takes many forms within Groupe BPCE, as demonstrated by the Group’s social and environmental responsibility policy focused on promoting a more sustainable economy and more inclusive finance, as well as a quality of life at work that meets the highest standards for its employees. Extremely active in the sports economy, Groupe BPCE has also entered into a great many first-rate partnerships, whether in sailing, basketball, handball or rugby. It is a Premium partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, a tremendous adventure in which all its employees are involved.

“Revealing what is possible”