Vote for the Next Innov Prize by Banque Populaire!

Thursday, 1 july 2021

An intense drive is underway to encourage the general public to cast their votes for the #NextInnov Prize backed by Banque Populaire and Maddyness.

Cast your votes before July 5th to decide which of the following 10 finalist startups will win the prize: BarterLink, AUM Biosync, AddWorking, Forinov, Galam Robotics, Hector le Collector, GREENROOMENERGIE.COM by IDYEE, Logpickr, Soan, Teamstarter.  

To view the videos of the mini-sales pitches and cast your vote, clic HERE

With the wealth of services provided by these new BtoB startups – in payments, collaboration, intrapreneurship, chronobiology, subcontracting & purchasing management, resource optimization, storage solutions, carbon footprint reduction, process improvement, etc. – you have an amazing choice among the innovative companies supported by Banque Populaire.