When Banque Populaire du Sud & beGenius both aim to be at the top of their game!

Friday, 7 may 2021

The bank and the leading e-sport club in the Occitania region team up as partners.

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Record audiences on the Internet for major events, a huge fan base, and millions of online followers: e-sport is making its mark on the French economic, socio-cultural and sporting landscape. Banque Populaire du Sud, a player committed to all those driven by the entrepreneurial spirit, couldn’t pass up such an opportunity. So, at the end of April, it officialized its partnership with beGenius, one of the most highly influential e-sport clubs in France and the N°1 player in this sector in the Occitania region.

The Banque Populaire du Sud and beGenius partners are pursuing multiple objectives: first of all, they want to develop values similar to those existing in sport – i.e. teamwork, fair play, inclusion, and performance – by building bridges between traditional sport and e-sport disciplines; secondly, they want to structure the e-sport ecosystem and allow it to take its rightful place in the wider sports business community, especially at a regional level and, finally, they also intend to work together to support the sustainable and responsible practice of e-sport competitions among the younger generations.

The values of passion, sharing, achievement, and determination sum up the spirit of this partnership!

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