“Whenever a shop brings down its shutters, it’s a victory; whenever a business reopens, it’s a success!”

Monday, 11 may 2020

Banque Populaire is delighted to support the reopening of a large number of businesses because whenever a shop brings down its shutters, it’s a victory! This is the message of the new advertising campaign launched by Banque Populaire.

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Although not all shops and companies have ceased their operations and although not all will be getting back to business on Monday May 11, each reopening in the days to come will be one step further toward this goal.

This is the message conveyed by the advertising campaign launched on Monday May 10 by Banque Populaire to be broadcast on the major TV channels until May 24. The film celebrates the first day of a new departure, the start of a gradual recovery, the dawn of new hope, and a sign of the rebirth of economic activity (and of our lives) throughout local and regional France. 

The communications campaign is comprehensive in design with the inclusion of print and digital signage for the bank branches, prompts on the brand’s websites and social networks, as well as a film for internal use, designed to applaud our employees and thank them for the active role they played in this recovery process.

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