Why is it so difficult to talk about money with individuals receiving care?

Tuesday, 21 december 2021

Talking about money is increasingly losing its taboo status in France with the younger generations being less embarrassed to talk about money-related issues than their elders.

Caregivers are no exception: according to our research, 72% of caregivers find it ‘easy’ to discuss money matters with the person they are caring for. But on closer inspection, things are less clear-cut: despite the importance of these questions in the caregiving relationship and the many different forms they take (financial assistance, account management, etc.), they are most frequently dealt with implicitly, without any real discussion.

In practice, money is discussed when a ‘money problem’ arises: a lack of resources, uncontrolled expenses that make it necessary to monitor accounts, a move into an institution that raises the question of paying for residential care, etc. The main obstacle is the caregiver’s respect for the autonomy of the person receiving care: talking about money is seen as ‘too intrusive’ (32%).

The challenge is to create an environment where it’s possible to discuss money matters to avoid having this discussion put off until money-related issues have to be treated as a matter of urgency, and often in poor conditions.