Banque Populaire du Sud

38 Boulevard Georges Clémenceau
66966 Perpignan Cedex 09

Phone : +33 (0) 4 68 38 22 00

Senior Management

André Joffre

André Joffre


Cyril Brun

Cyril Brun

Chief Executive Officer


Banque Populaire du Sud – a regional cooperative banking institution working with its 3 brands: Banque Dupuy, de Parseval; Banque Marze; and Crédit Maritime Méditerranée – is active in 9 départements chiefly in the southern Occitanie region on the Mediterranean coast of France. It boasts a total of 539,837 customers and 228,002 cooperative shareholders with a staff of 2,081 permanent employees working in 264 branches, including 50 under the Banque Dupuy, de Parseval name, 12  under the Banque de Marze brand and 11 Crédit Maritime Méditerranée branches along with 7 business centers, 1 of which is specifically devoted to supporting startups and innovative companies, 80 experts dedicated to corporate customers, a large number of specialized branches.

A major player in the energy transition in its catchment area, Banque Populaire du Sud has launched its dedicated Bank for the Energy Transition (Banque de la Transition Energétique par la Banque Populaire du Sud).

Sport & Patronage

Within the framework of its partnership with the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024, Banque Populaire du Sud has set itself the goal of further developing its commitment to sport with, in particular, the launch in 2021 of its “I’m Dreaming of Paris 2024” team of athletes. A symbol of inclusion and diversity, the Banque Populaire du Sud Team is bringing together athletes from its catchment area, women and men in able-bodied and disabled categories, established medal-winning talents and young hopefuls.

Banque Populaire du Sud is proud to be supporting Poema Newland, Margaux Billy, Marion Mortefon, Déborah Sananes, Mariane Beltrando, Enzo Giorgi, Anthony Picard, Téo Rotar, and Arthur Canet as they work their way to the Olympic stadiums in 2024. It is actively involved in each of these athletes’ sporting projects in their respective disciplines.

The bank also supports local clubs through its involvement in a variety of sports such as sailing, rugby, handball, ice hockey, beach volleyball, golf, e-sport, etc. In terms of events, it participates in sporting competitions staged throughout its territory. In addition to providing support, Banque Populaire du Sud employees are prepared to accept all types of challenges. More than ever, Banque Populaire shares with them the same DNA of high performance, the desire to surpass oneself, and collective success. It is consequently in its very nature that Banque Populaire du Sud wants to be a key player in the field of sport.


2022 figures
  • 539,837
  • 228,002
  • 2,199
  • 264
  • €415.1m
  • €94.7m