Banque Populaire Grand Ouest

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Senior Management

Catherine Leblanc

Catherine Leblanc


Benoît Catel

Benoît Catel

Chief Executive Officer


It was in Angers in the Loire Valley that the first Banque Populaire was founded in 1878, an initiative inspired by Ludovic de Besse who, already at that time, advocated the freedom of initiative and entrepreneurship, and sought ways to support and protect the professional activities of business creators.

Today, Banque Populaire Grand Ouest (BPGO), by building on its detailed understanding of its territory, supports and encourages the audacity of all those who undertake. With a catchment area covering twelve French départements, BPGO runs a total of 310 branches with a staff of 3,057 employees. This regionally based, cooperative, responsible, and socially committed bank is owned by its 391,103 cooperative shareholders.

Its two leading brands – Banque Populaire and Crédit Maritime Grand Ouest – have been developed within their territory and along the coastline, a key characteristic of the regions in northwest France (the “Grand Ouest”). The actions pursed by these entities are driven by a common set of values: a passion for the ocean, a love of these regions, and a desire to make their catchment area increasingly dynamic and attractive. This is why Banque Populaire Grand Ouest and Crédit Maritime Grand Ouest, convinced that the future of our regions – and of our country as a whole – will be maritime and littoral, decided to create the Banque Bleue.

A key player in sailing and water sports

For several decades, BPGO has been a key player in sailing, notably by granting more than €100,000 per year to the various players in its territory (regional sailing leagues, departmental committees, clubs and skippers). 

What is more, above and beyond the co-financing of sailing equipment for local schools and clubs – a financial contribution that it recently increased – it is also helping to boost the appeal of sailing by positioning itself, for the first time in its history, as the first private partner of the Round Brittany Sailing Regatta (“Tour de Bretagne à la Voile”).

And finally, in order to support the emergence of sporting talents in its territory and to heighten awareness of handisport and the importance of sport as a key to good health, Banque Populaire Grand Ouest has created a sports unit: the Pôle Sportif du Grand Ouest. This facility is currently supporting 8 local athletes and para-athletes in the pursuit of their sporting ambitions: 5 women and 3 men in 8 different sporting disciplines. To discover 8 fine sporting adventures, please click HERE


2022 figures
  • 905,609
  • 391,103
  • 310
  • 3,057
  • €610m
  • €125m