BPCE Solutions Clients

4 rue Eugène Renault
94700 Maisons-Alfort

Senior Management

Laurent Benatar

Laurent Benatar

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Elodie Degryse

Elodie Degryse

Chief Executive Officer


BPCE Solutions Clients is an economic interest grouping (EIG) that pools its expertise and resources for the benefit of Groupe BPCE banking institutions; it currently serves 20 of these entities.

Our business lines: our service offering covers the fields of the appraisal and management of real estate loans in the markets of individual, professional and corporate customers, and entities active in the social and territorial economy (release of funds, early repayments, renegotiations, etc.), payment protection insurance (equivalence studies, payment protection insurance renegotiation, etc.) in addition to debt collection services (overindebtedness, out-of-court collection, services for vulnerable customers, etc.) and estate management.

BPCE Solutions Clients manages requests, either in relation with the sales representatives of the banking establishments, or directly with customers, notaries, the Banque de France, and lawyers, depending on the business lines and distribution networks.

Thanks to its profitability model, its capacity for industrialization, and the expertise and flexibility of its resources, BPCE Solutions Clients provides solutions both for mass processing operations and for niche activities. In this way, the use of the EIG’s services by the Group’s entities enables them to generate cost savings and/or to limit their regulatory and operational risks.

2022 figures
  • 350
  • 26
  • 1.8 million
  • 96 %