Fédération Nationale des Banques Populaires

20-22 rue Rubens
75013 Paris

Phone : +33 (0) 1 58 40 69 73

Senior Management

André Joffre

André Joffre


Alain Giron

Alain Giron

Chief Executive Officer


The Fédération Nationale des Banques Populaires (National Federation of the Banque Populaire banks) is the institution that provides deliberation, communication and representation for the Banque Populaire banks and their senior managers within Groupe BPCE and beyond. It is the place where positions shared by the entire retail banking network are drawn up, making it a major contributor of proposals and guidance to inspire future developments.

Set up when Groupe BPCE was first created, the FNBP acts as the custodian of the identity and values of the Banque Populaire banks. Its principal assignments are:

  • To participate in defining the strategic orientations of the retail banking network, 
  • To represent and promote the Banque Populaire cooperative business model, 
  • To train the directors of the Banque Populaire banks,
  • To develop partnerships,
  • To give greater prominence to the actions pursued by the network.


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Crédit Photo : Phillipe Couette
Crédit Photo : Phillipe Couette