Fondation Banque Populaire

20 rue Rubens
75013 Paris

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Senior Management

Alain Giron

Alain Giron

General Manager

Martine Tremblay

Martine Tremblay



The Banque Populaire Corporate Foundation 

Helping people achieve success has been the mission of the Banques Populaires since they were first created more than 100 years ago. The Banque Populaire Corporate Foundation pursues the same set of values: providing individuals with the financial resources they need to realize their life projects while also offering them the comfort of a network of relationships and long-term support to men and women driven by a sense of audacity, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the desire to innovate. The Banque Populaire Foundation has been the vehicle for the national patronage activities of the Banques Populaires and their cooperative shareholders since 1992. It is the oldest foundation in the financial sector in France, proof of its deeply held belief that patronage is a relevant response to the needs of society. 


2022 figures
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