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Senior Management

Christophe Lanne

Christophe Lanne


Audrey Koenig

Audrey Koenig

Chief Executive Officer


Building on its strong presence in France and Luxembourg, Natixis Wealth Management offers tailor-made wealth-management and financial solutions to business owners, senior executives, and the owners of family fortunes designed to provide long-term support for this class of clientele.

Customers of Groupe BPCE, or customers acquired directly, benefit from a wide range of expertise covering all the different aspects of their projects at every stage in their development: corporate advisory services, origination, plain vanilla and structured financing solutions, investment, wealth engineering, and asset management. These offerings are complemented by a number of solutions based on life insurance and diversification strategies.

The bank’s entire value proposition is tailored to the client’s desired degree of personalization and is distributed through two channels: B2C and B2B.

Natixis Wealth Management is part of Global Financial Services, the global arm of Groupe BPCE.

Three specialized affiliates

To expand its range of asset management products and services, Natixis Wealth Management works through two subsidiaries: VEGA Investment Managers and Massena Partners.

VEGA Investment Managers, its preferred partner for the production of solutions for liquid asset classes (and which now offers a range of seven SRI-labeled funds) and Massena Partners. VEGA Investment Managers’ core expertise in collective investment management, delegated management and open-architecture fund selection is complementary to that of Massena Partners more focused on advising private family groups and family offices, notably in private equity.

To meet the needs of its clients and those of Groupe BPCE in life insurance, Natixis Wealth Management capitalizes on the expertise of Teora, a broker specializing in high-end life insurance in open architecture.

  • VEGA Obligations Euro won the Agefi Asset Management Grand Prix in the “European Bonds” category (including the euro zone); 
  • VEGA Investment Managers received the award for the best human-sized asset management company for its entire range over three years in the Refinitiv Lipper Fund Award 2021.

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2021 figures

  €30 billion in assets under management

  €2.7 billion in projects financed for our clients

Audrey Koenig Chief Executive Officer of Natixis Wealth Management