Banque Populaire offers its support to self-employed professionals

Friday, 18 october 2019

Banque Populaire, historically active in the self-employed professionals market, wants to speed up its development in this segment by rolling out its range of products and services designed to facilitate the creation of new self-employed activities.

In July 2019, Banque Populaire launched its “First Steps” service pack aimed at healthcare professionals currently in the process of setting up their activities. The pack is designed to offer customized support to help this category of clientele fulfill their legal obligations (registration and licensing).

Banque Populaire is now offering administrative support to all categories of self-employed professionals. This means that customers can benefit from turnkey, tailor-made services, provided at their place of work or remotely by an assistant (day-to-day secretarial services, office automation work, management and pre-accounting activities). These services are provided in partnership with Officéo, a company specializing in Office Management solutions.

In its recent radio advertising campaign, Banque Populaire emphasizes its goal of speeding up its conquest of the regulated self-employed professionals markets (healthcare, law, and bookkeeping) by supporting the brand’s argument about success with a number of concrete examples. This campaign highlights the dedicated web platform: The network of professional advisors and branch managers has also been encouraged to mobilize their efforts in this area.
With a 13% penetration rate in this customer segment (internal source), Banque Populaire capitalizes on the know-how of its network of professional advisors, experts in supporting the creation of new business ventures. The creation of new self-employed activities is a high-potential market (¼ of new business creation, a segment that has been enjoying growth in excess of 3% per year for more than 10 years – source: