Basketball in silver and bronze

Saturday, 7 august 2021

The French men’s basketball team is leaving Tokyo with a magnificent silver medal; the women won the bronze

So close to gold! The French men capitulated to the Americans at the end of a tough yet glorious struggle (82-87). The French – who had already beaten the Americans twice, in the 2019 World Cup quarterfinals (89-79) and at the beginning of the competition in Tokyo (83-76) – had reasons to believe they could do it again. After getting off to a good start, the players coached by Vincent Collet unfortunately fell behind and played catch-up from then on. Coming after the 1948 and 2000 Olympics, the French men’s team mounted the second step of the Olympic podium for the third time in their history, and will be leaving Tokyo with a silver medal.

Bronze for the women

Despite the extremely tight timeframe between the semi-final and the third-place play-off, despite the fatigue of the end of the tournament, and despite the frustration, the French women’s team managed to regain their focus, get back into the game, and give it their all in pursuit of the bronze medal. Falling behind at the beginning of the match, they subsequently managed to get an edge over the Serbians in the third quarter and to finish with a fine victory (91-76) that handed them the bronze medal.

Proud to be a major partner of the French Basketball Federation (FFBB) since the summer of 2014, the Caisse d’Epargne was thrilled throughout the tournament by the performances achieved by the two French teams. They allowed us to dream, yearn, and experience a wealth of different emotions! Congratulations and our sincere thanks for this incredible journey!
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Copyright photo : KMSP