BPCE wins the title “Deal of the Year for Samurai bonds 2023”

Thursday, 8 february 2024

BPCE recently won the title of “Deal of the Year for Samurai bonds 2023” (yen-denominated foreign bonds) awarded by Nikkei Veritas* magazine for its issue completed in July last year.

In July 2023, BPCE launched a 197.7 billion yen multi-tranche bond issue, the largest since BPCE’s creation, and the largest raised by an international issuer in 2023. 
This is the highest rating in this category of Samurai bonds issued in Japan by international corporations and governments, and confirms the success of this large-scale issue. 

According to Nikkei Veritas magazine, a wide range of investors were attracted by these large-scale bond issues with different maturities. This success is also the fruit of BPCE’s good relations with Japanese investors, buoyed up by the many well-prepared roadshows staged in Tokyo and the Japanese regions, and stands as further proof of BPCE’s strong recognition in the Japanese bond market. 

* A benchmark publication in the financial press specializing in the Japanese fixed-income and equity markets.