Climate: Groupe BPCE takes steps to combat climate change by continuing to reduce its own environmental footprint.

Monday, 4 october 2021

Real estate, employee mobility, purchasing, and digital uses are the other priority areas defined in the Group’s new strategic plan.

In its new strategic plan “BPCE 2024”, Groupe BPCE has set itself the target of reducing its carbon footprint by 15% (vs. 2019) within three years, which would put it on a trajectory halfway between 1.5°C and 2°C. To achieve this goal, it has defined four priority areas: real estate, employee mobility, purchasing, and digital uses.

To take one example: Groupe BPCE’s digital footprint corresponds to the carbon emissions of its IT assets, datacenters, and digital purchases. To reduce this footprint, the Group is broadening the scope of its sustainable development initiatives in all the stages of the equipment and data storage life cycle.

Podcast by Cécile Maugé, coordinator of Groupe BPCE’s digital function created in 2020

Within the framework of the European Sustainable Development Week, an event running until October 8, a series of collection bins for our personal electrical and electronic waste are being installed in a large number of Group companies. These bins are being supplied by Ecologic, a government-approved eco-organization for the collection, recycling and reuse of WEEE* generated by companies and members of the general public. The adoption of this system also helps the Group to reduce its own environmental footprint.

* WEEE: Waste from Electrical & Electronic Equipment

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