Combining sport and financial inclusion: the ambition of Finances & Pédagogie

Tuesday, 12 july 2022

On July 6, the Finances & Pédagogie association signed a partnership with the Younus Academy, thereby seizing an opportunity to further expand the scope of its educational activities.

Educating young people on money matters? This is the mission pursued for more than 60 years by the Finances & Pédagogie teams, a commitment that has now taken on a new dimension with the inclusion of the young athletes in the Younus Academy, an organization working with children and young people in situations of social and educational vulnerability.

Building on initiatives already staged in Bordeaux and Grigny (a municipality in the southern suburbs of Paris), the two organizations decided to forge a nationwide partnership in pursuit of a common objective: to enable all young people to find their place in society by giving them the means they need to build their futures. 

This has enabled Finances & Pédagogie to find a new, particularly attractive vector for its activities along with an opportunity to present the different banking professions to the fifteen or so young people present at the partnership signing ceremony organized on the Group’s premises. For the young people in the Younus Academy, this new step offers them with an opportunity to cultivate a greater sense of community, to gain new experience, and to open up to the outside world.

After the partnership signing session and a presentation of the partnership with Paris 2024 delivered by Benoît Gausseron, Groupe BPCE Director of the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024, Pierre Macé, Chairman of Finances & Pédagogie, Abdoulaye N’Diaye, a former professional basketball player and founder of the Younus Academy, accompanied by the young members of this institution, met up on Boulevard Vincent Auriol in Paris for a 3×3 basketball match on the court recently renovated by the Caisse d’Epargne. This provided a fine opportunity to share a moment of fun and games, and to make the connection with the values of sport as defended in their day-to-day activities by Groupe BPCE, a Premium Partner of the Olympic & Paralympic Games, and by the Younus Academy: namely, the values of social integration, of surpassing oneself, and of social solidarity.