Cyber-bullying: the Caisse d’Epargne teams up with the e-Enfance Association

Tuesday, 27 july 2021

With its decision to sponsor the e-Enfance Association, the bank has taken a further step to support its customers in the event of cyber-bullying

Today, one out of every five teenagers (20%) is a victim of cyber-bullying* in France. This situation principally affects young people, who sometimes find it difficult to talk about this problem, but also their parents who try to do their best to support them. Faced with this social phenomenon, the Caisse d’Epargne has decided to take a stand and provide its customers with practical, concrete solutions for prevention and support.

After including psychological assistance in the event of cyber-bullying in its school and health insurance policies, the Caisse d’Epargne has now become a sponsor of the e-Enfance Association.  In concrete terms, the savings bank has pledged to provide financial support for the association’s missions, to help enhance its visibility to make it more widely known to the general public, and to promote 3018, the national telephone number for young cyberbullying victims seeking support.
Recognized as a public-interest entity, the e-Enfance Association has enjoyed reference status since 2005 in its efforts to protect children on the Internet and to provide training in digital citizenship. Officially approved by the French Ministry of Education, it organizes school-based workshops for young people, their parents, and professionals as well as training sessions on the proper use of the Internet and the risks related to cyber-bullying and other forms of cyber-violence. 
The e-Enfance Association has been running the 3018 help line, a national telephone number for young victims of digital violence and their parents, since 2008. This help line, a free, anonymous and confidential service, has been the official partner of the French Ministry of Education in the fight against cyberbullying between school students since 2011. A trusted third party, 3018 works with social networks to report and delete harmful content within a few hours. It also assists teenagers, parents and professionals in all matters related to how young people use digital technology. 

With this new partnership, the Caisse d’Epargne is more than ever asserting its usefulness as a bank and insurer for the entire family.

* source : Audirep, 2021. 

Légende photo :  de gauche à droite : Justine Atlan, directrice générale de l’association e-Enfance et Nicolas Balerna, directeur Banque de détail Développement Caisse d’Epargne