Digital economy: decline in confidence but usage rate remains high

Friday, 6 march 2020

For the past 10 years, the ACSEL barometer survey of French people’s trust in the digital economy has been studying the online practices of the French. What practical measures do they take to protect their personal data? What impedes, and what drives, trust in the digital economy? The new edition of this research published on February 25 and partnered by Groupe BPCE provides a number of answers.

A declining confidence rate 
The main lessons to emerge from this survey include an increasingly intensive use of digital technology, notably via mobile phones (banking, dealings with the public authorities, eCommerce, social networks, etc.), a greater maturity displayed by the French when sharing their personal data… but trust in the digital economy no greater than 40%! Trust is even declining for certain uses and among the most connected individuals. 
Companies are consequently faced with a real challenge, particularly in the banking industry, at a time when artificial intelligence, robots, augmented reality, and the digitalization of exchanges and services are radically shaking up established customs and practices. 

At the heart of the banking relationship
Trust is not merely a question of technology, it’s also a matter of educating users to make them confident in their use of digital services. Informing our customers about how their data is used and protected is the priority of our banking advisors,” emphasized Frédéric Burtz, in charge of advanced data uses and artificial intelligence at BPCE, at the meeting organized to present the barometer survey.
A statement widely relayed by Yves Tyrode, Chief Digital Officer of Groupe BPCE: “The feeling of trust experienced by our customers when they use our banking services is at the heart of our relationship with them. It also determines the extent to which they adopt the new uses we offer them. It’s more than a necessity; it’s an obligation!” 

To discover the computer graphics presenting the full barometer survey of French people’s trust in the digital economy: click here!