Finances & Pédagogie pursues its commitment to young people within the framework of the New Universal National Service program

Monday, 26 july 2021

It was perfectly natural that Finances & Pédagogie, an association focused on educational programs for young people, should become involved in the New Universal National Service program in partnership with Banque de France, charged with managing the financial education aspects of the scheme.

The association has already run about 100 training courses and given instruction to approximately 2,000 young people.

Finances & Pédagogie’s training advisors worked throughout France with 25,000 volunteers aged 15 to 17 taking part in a social cohesion session running from June 21 to July 2, as part of the Universal National Service program.

This program enabled them to acquire a basic understanding of money-related issues in collaboration with employees from Banque de France and the project’s partners.
Finances & Pédagogie, an association created in 1957 by the Caisses d’Epargne, organizes awareness-building and training activities devoted to everyday money matters designed for the general public, young people and adults alike, at the request of stakeholders in the social & solidarity-based economy.

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