Groupe BPCE celebrates the practice and values of sport

Thursday, 19 september 2019

Groupe BPCE, which signed up as a Premium Partner of Paris 2024 one year ago, recently organized a sporting challenge bringing together nearly 1,000 of its employees from all over France. This level of participation reflects unparalleled mobilization for an extraordinary adventure, confirming that this partnership – which came into effect on January 1st, 2019 – is, above all, a commitment shared throughout France at a regional and local level.

Innovative Olympic Games: “Paris 2024 is a tremendous opportunity for France, an opportunity for development and a chance to demonstrate our know-how. And, for a cooperative group such as ours boasting deep roots in local communities, we felt it natural for us to become actively involved,” said Jean-Yves Forel, head of the Paris 2024 program. This is why Groupe BPCE announced last Wednesday that it had teamed up with Visa to promote mass transit open payment solutions between now and 2024, providing a model of modernity for the Olympic and Paralympic Games designed to be innovative and accessible to all.
IMAGINE 2024 Challenge: an unprecedented sporting event
And because Paris 2024 also provides an opportunity for the Group to rally its 105,000 employees around an extraordinary experience, Groupe BPCE – which launched its in-house mobilization program IMAGINE 2024 on January 10, 2019 – recently staged the first major milestone in its program from September 13 to 15: the first round of the IMAGINE 2024 Challenge. This sporting event, unprecedented in the history of Groupe PBCE, brought together nearly one thousand employees from all over France in what represents the ‘temple’ of French sport, the premises of the French national institute of sport, expertise and performance (INSEP) with a total of 43 teams, 516 competitors, and 450 supporters united under the banner of sportsmanship and camaraderie.  

 Values worth sharing  
In perfect harmony with the ideals defended on a daily basis by Groupe BPCE and inherent in Paris 2024, the IMAGINE 2024 Challenge has also proved to be a formidable showcase for promoting the practice of sport, strengthening cohesion between teams from highly diverse backgrounds as well as promoting the values of self-improvement and solidarity. IMAGINE 2024’s identification with these values was underscored by the presence of representatives of the Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games Organizing Committee (COJOP), the French National Olympic & Sports Committee (CNOS), the French Paralympic & Sports Committee (CPSF), and the Sport dans la Ville (“Sport in the City”) association, entities fully associated with these sporting events. Sports demonstrations and workshops providing introductions to breaking and parasport (seated volleyball and wheelchair basketball) also offered team supporters an opportunity to participate and share in this celebration of sport and the Olympic spirit. 

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