Habitat en Région, the Caisse d’Epargne’s social housing division, is increasing its presence in three of its long-standing areas of activity.

Thursday, 29 october 2020

The reorganization of this division, launched in the light of the structural reform of the social housing sector applicable to social landlords between now and 2021, is perfectly in line with the history of Habitat en Région, a network boasting from the very outset an original business model that combines all the advantages of pooling resources with the preservation of local expertise.

The aim of this organization is also to pursue the missions of the Habitat en Région Group at the regional level: adherence to shared values, analysis of local issues, definition of a common ambition, the pooling of costs, and exchange of best practices.

“With this new organization, we intend above all to fulfill our public interest mandate more completely by working as closely as possible with our residents and our institutional partners,” says Fabrice Gourgeonnet, President of Habitat en Région Participations.

* Created in 2010 by the Caisses d’Epargne and Groupe BPCE, Habitat en Région represents thirty-five social housing operators throughout France brought together within a group and network. They currently manage a stock of 290,000 housing units providing accommodation to nearly 593,000 people.