Helping athletes to play a more active role in their financial lives

Tuesday, 19 july 2022

The Fédération Nationale des Caisses d’Epargne and the Finances & Pédagogie association are working closely with the French Olympians Association to help support athletes in the financial management of their sporting, and post-sporting, careers.

Whatever their level, age or discipline, elite athletes are confronted by money issues throughout their careers with the need to finance their physical training and purchase equipment, to manage their careers, their bonuses, and their subsequent retraining, etc. Although these financial questions are crucial to their lives, athletes only very rarely receive support in this area.

Through this partnership, Finances & Pédagogie will draw on the wealth of its expertise in financial education and its experience with athletes to organize training programs and events closely tailored to the world of sport and to the issues specific to this sector. The aim is to help Olympic athletes to manage the financial aspects of their sporting careers, or careers pursued after their careers in sport have come to an end. In short: a partnership to help athletes play a more active role in their financial lives.

As a reminder: Finances & Pédagogie is an association that organizes awareness-building and training activities on the topic of money matters in everyday life designed for the general public – young people and adults alike – at the request of players in the social and solidarity-based economy. For its part, the aim of the French Olympians Association (AOF) is to bring together the community of French Olympic athletes, to organize activities in their favor and provide them with support.

Photo : Pierre Macé, président de Finances & Pédagogie et Valérie Barlois, présidente de l’association des Olympiens français.  

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