“IMPACT 2024”: Preparing the legacy of the 2024 Paris Games

Thursday, 3 september 2020

For the first time, the main players in French sport are launching a call for projects aimed at all those helping to reinforce the social impact of sport.

The projects must fall within the fields contributing to the Legacy of the Paris 2024 Games, such as education, social inclusion, health, environmental excellence, or a change in our perception of disability. Led as a team by a group of players – associations, sports clubs, local authorities, private sector players – their influence can be national, regional or local in scope.
For this first year, 1.5 million euros will be allocated to financing and supporting the winning projects. 

Interested parties have until October 15 to submit their applications online.
As a Premium Partner of the 2024 Paris Games, Groupe BPCE has a role to play in the success of this call for projects. Committed to their local territories, the Group’s companies are supporting the players with whom they maintain contact in order to inform them and support them throughout the various stages of the application process.

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