New private cloud computing resources for Groupe BPCE

Friday, 5 june 2020

Can self-service computer resources be delivered securely within an hour? It’s possible with MyCloud, Groupe BPCE’s private cloud computing solution, recently enhanced with new functionalities.

Developed by BPCE Infogérance et Technologies working in synergy with Natixis, the MyCloud platform provides the IT departments of the Banque Populaire banks, Caisses d’Epargne and Banque Palatine with a catalogue of hosting and development solutions, stored in a private cloud (servers, software, databases, etc.) enabling them to create applications autonomously and automatically. This represents a considerable asset, making it possible to streamline the construction of infrastructure and the delivery of applications, which can be done within an hour, thereby speeding up their commercial availability to customers.

MyCloud’s offering has been enhanced since it was first launched in January and now covers the full scope of banking applications in addition to that of non-banking applications and the private needs of our companies (showcase sites, HR information systems, etc.). New services are still to be delivered, notably for remote banking.