News from Beijing #4

Wednesday, 16 february 2022

The Caisse d’Epargne, a partner of the French Ski Federation since 1996 and of the French Olympic Team since 2010, is continuing to follow the thrills and spills of the French delegation’s performance.

There’s no stopping Quentin Fillon Maillet! The athlete from the Jura department in eastern France claimed a new silver medal in the men’s relay event on Tuesday morning, alongside Fabien Claude, Émilien Jacquelin, and Simon Desthieux: a 5th medal for the Frenchman – who adds yet another achievement to his page in the history of his sport – and a 6th medal for the French biathlon team.

On Wednesday, the Olympic gold medal won by Clément Noël in the slalom event was the fantastic news of the day. Coming in 4th position and just missing a place on the podium four years ago in PyeongChang, the 24-year-old from the Vosges follows in the steps of Antoine Dénériaz, the last French gold medalist in Alpine skiing (downhill) in Turin in 2006. We’ve been waiting 16 years for this!

For the athletes sponsored by the Group and supported by the entire family of French sports enthusiasts, the events will be continuing over the next few days with a competition schedule that includes the start of the freestyle skiing competition, the continuation of the combined Alpine skiing competition, and the end of the biathlon and cross-country skiing events. 

We’re all behind the French Olympic Team!