No lasting performance without diversity!

Monday, 22 june 2020

In a position statement, Groupe BPCE elaborates on the reality of its commitment to gender diversity in business…


–    A group of 40 companies, whose cooperative business model draws its strength from respect for diversity, the ability to play as a team, and the group’s values of social solidarity,
–    Deeply rooted in local and regional France, developing a culture of permanent dialogue with all players in society, in pursuit of the common good,
–    Fully invested in our business as a banker and insurer for our 30 million customers, and determined to play our part in the economic development of our country and all those in which we do business,
–    Historically committed to social inclusion and confident that diversity is a source of economic efficiency and sustainable performance,
–    Convinced that the development of professional equality calls for the definition of clear, realistic and shared objectives,
–    One of the leading employers in France and, as such, fully aware of our particular responsibility in promoting gender diversity, our Group currently employs 105,000 people, 60,000 of whom are women. In 2019, we recruited more than 14,000 people, including 8,400 women, in all our business lines and at every level of responsibility.


–    Pursue a comprehensive, proactive policy in favor of gender diversity at every level of the company to ensure that the ratio of female employees corresponds to their natural percentage of the population, including in positions of the highest managerial responsibility. 
–    Implement concrete actions by constantly prioritizing dialogue and collective intelligence, in order to: 
o    Make the principles of diversity an integral part of all our HR processes: recruitment, compensation, training, mobility, promotion, etc.
o    Guarantee strict parity in all executive training courses,
o    Support women in managing their careers, notably through dedicated and personalized programs,  
o    Promote the reconciliation of professional and personal time, as well as an optimal management of parenthood,
o    Correct, whenever they exist, discrepancies in salaries through the allocation of a specific budget envelope,
o    Apply a zero-tolerance policy on acts of harassment or discrimination: reporting procedures have been rolled out in the Group’s companies to deal quickly with, and to punish, such acts. 

–    Collectively, we can be proud of everything that has been accomplished and the progress achieved in just a few years:
o    32 Group companies have been awarded the Afnor “Equality in the Workplace” label,
o    An overall score of 91/100 on the national gender equality index published in March 2020, an increase of 8 points over 2019,
o    18,000 women are members of the Group’s management team, representing 44% of the total, a percentage that has been rising constantly since 2010,
o    83 women are members of the executive and senior management teams,
o    40% of the members of our Boards of Directors are women, and 10 Boards are chaired by women,
o    60% of female employees received promotions in 2019,
o    100 participants in 2019 in the Réussir au féminin (“Succeeding as a Woman”) training program,
o    30 women’s networks within the Group, federated by the Les elles de BPCE (“The Women of BPCE”) network: these highly active networks, working closely with the Human Resources Departments and management staff, are at the origin of grassroots actions in a number of areas: mentoring, awareness-building and training, meetings with senior managers, networking, solidarity-based commitments, etc.

–    We are determined to pursue, together, our action to make gender diversity – and diversity more generally speaking – a veritable lever for the further development of our companies.  

This is the reality of our commitment, driven by our shared desire to meet society’s aspirations and to create a professional environment where everyone can find their place. 

The male and female senior managers and employees of Groupe BPCE companies, 
the president and members of the “Les elles du Groupe BPCE” association, 
the Chairman of the Management Board of Groupe BPCE, the Executive Management Committee, and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of the Group’s Inspection Générale division.

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