Solidarity-based savings: the Group confirms its front-ranking position in 2019

Friday, 6 november 2020

This leadership position emerges from the Place 2019 report published by Finansol on the occasion of National Solidarity Finance Week running from November 2 to 9.

With a market share of 33.3% in solidarity-based savings inflows and 34.9% in asset management, the Group, a long-standing player in this area, confirms its ongoing dynamism, which can be explained by its strong presence in employee savings, the close, local ties forged by its regional cooperative banks with their partners in the social and solidarity-based economy, and the Group’s experience in managing these savings. 

The Group’s two main players for solidarity-based savings inflows remain Natixis Interépargne (16.5% of this type of employee savings deposits) and Crédit Coopératif (8.3% of bank savings and deposits) thanks to its comprehensive range of dedicated passbook savings accounts, including the AGIR passbook account. 
In terms of asset management, Mirova, a Natixis subsidiary specializing in sustainable finance, is capitalizing on its experience as a pioneer in SRI solidarity funds since 1994. With 21.8% of assets under management, Mirova is the market’s leading manager of solidarity-based fund thanks, in particular, to the Fonds Mirova Emplois France Mirova France employment fund.

The Group finances one of the winners of the Grands Prix de la Finance Solidaire (solidarity finance awards).
On Monday, November 2, the FINANSOL Solidarity Finance Award announced the winners of the 2020 edition. 
The “France” prize was awarded to Villages Vivants, a rural, solidarity-based real estate company that works to revitalize rural areas through the purchase, renovation and rental of premises. Based in Crest (in the Drôme département), Villages Vivants pursues initiatives in the Drôme, Ardèche, Loire, Isère and Rhône regions. 

Crédit Coopératif, a founding member of the real estate company, coordinated the raising of 1.8 million euros in funds from the Banque des Territoires, France Active Investissement, Ecofi Investissements, Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, and Mirova.  

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