Supporting inclusion of people with disabilities in digital roles

Monday, 21 november 2022

The signature of the “J’agis charter” from the Agefiph* took place during the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities, in the presence of Geneviève Darrieussecq, French Minister Delegate for Disabled People.

The 26th edition of the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities has taken place from November 14 to 20 and was devoted to the theme of full employment for people with disabilities. Marking this crucial event, on November 16, Groupe BPCE’s global businesses (Natixis CIB and Natixis Investment Managers) and the Communauté BPCE signed the “J’agis charter” from the Agefiph. 

Inclusion of staff with disabilities is a key priority

Staff with disabilities face unemployment that is twice the national average, so ensuring their inclusion in the workplace presents a major challenge. It is vital that all stakeholders work together to improve this employment rate – employers, public authorities, employment and training bodies, corporations, associations and social partners – particularly in sectors undergoing shortages such as digital. 
On November 16, around thirty companies met to promote the THalent Digital program supported by the Agefiph and its partners, including the Simplon school, Web force 3, APF France handicap and OPCO Atlas. The aim is to promote action and train staff with disabilities to work in digital roles .

Promoting digital jobs for staff with disabilities

The European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities is organized on European, national and regional levels. More than 600 events are organized right across France, offering an opportunity for the Agefiph to help stakeholders – corporations, employment and training bodies – work together to support staff with disabilities. The innovative and inclusive Tremplin program is a prime example, as it brought together Natixis and Groupe BPCE  with EADSI (a firm providing sheltered employment) and the Simplon school, to support around ten unemployed people with disabilities to train in tech and digital jobs.

The event marking the signature of the “J’agis” charter brought together Tremplin program trainees, as well as members of the Human Resources department and IT managers from the Communauté BPCE and Natixis, to clearly mark our commitment to promoting the inclusion of staff with disabilities by supporting them into digital roles. 

* This charter by Agefiph supports inclusion of people with disabilities by employment in digital roles.