Teleworking: Groupe BPCE has risen to the technological challenge of connecting its employees remotely

Thursday, 14 may 2020

The number of simultaneous employee remote connections has risen from 4,000 at the beginning of the lockdown period to a total of 30,000* today.

Giving our employees the resources they need to work from home while simultaneously maintaining a high level of security was one of the challenges facing the IT teams at BPCE-IT. Innovative solutions were implemented in record time to meet this challenge while ensuring the continuity of production of the information systems.

Thanks to this increase in power, all of the Group’s companies are now able to offer their employees the option of working from home, irrespective of whether they are employed at the head office or in a bank branch.

Natixis, for its part, runs its own IT facilities and has organized the ramp-up of remote connections, multiplying its capacity to meet the challenges of this extraordinary situation by a factor of 160.

*Excluding Natixis