The Green Momentum saga continues

Thursday, 10 december 2020

Natixis is continuing its podcasts devoted to green finance, the challenges facing this model, its developments, and the role it plays in protecting the environment. Discover episodes 3 and 4 today.

Economic stimulus plans: “The aim is to have green growth, and not to make “green” and “economic growth” mutually exclusive. […] We will need to make major technological progress to combine economic growth with the energy transition.”

Episode 3 features contributions from Jean-François Robin, Global Head of Research in Natixis’ Corporate & Investment Banking division, and Ivan Pavlovic, specialist in the energy and sustainable development sector. The topic covered? French and European economic recovery plans. These plans are unprecedented in size and include a number of environmental options, driven in particular by the European “Green Pact for Europe.” Are these plans likely to help economies become more virtuous? Have the right strategies been chosen? Will it be possible to combine economic growth and energy transition? What solutions will Europe adopt to achieve its objectives – to reduce its carbon emissions by 55% by 2030 – while simultaneously remaining competitive faced with China (which is targeting carbon neutrality by 2060) or the United States? The experts provide their answers to these different questions.

The energy transition and responsible investment in asset management: “Equities were one of the first asset classes to be analyzed under SRI […] They have changed a great deal because members of the general public have now become ‘proactive consumers’ and reconciled with the real economy.”

The 4th episode takes us into the world of asset management and responsible investment. What is the impact of ecological and societal requirements on the strategies pursued by asset managers? What influence does this have on returns? How sensitive are investors to this issue? Léa Dunand-Chatellet, Head of Responsible Investment at DNCA Finance, and Thierry Laquitaine, SRI Director at AEW and a specialist in real estate management, attempt to answer these questions.