There’s a lot going on during the Olympic & Paralympic Week!

Monday, 24 january 2022

The Olympic & Paralympic Week is up and running! From January 24 to 29, Groupe BPCE’s different companies will be organizing events to promote sporting activities among young people and the general public.

For the space of a week, hundreds of thousands of young people will be given an opportunity to discover the practical benefits of sport, to learn about sporting values and practice various disciplines. As a Premium Partner of Paris 2024 and an active sponsor of sport for many years, Groupe BPCE is once again supporting this year’s Olympic & Paralympic Week.

Group companies actively committed to sport

Although matters are not made any easier by the current environment, CASDEN Banque Populaire has encouraged its Delegates and their correspondents to organize different activities in schools and public service institutions. It has provided 350 copies of “History, Sport & Citizenship,” an exhibition using 30 large illustrated panels to pay tribute to the male and female champions who have left their mark on the Olympic Games from 1896 to the present day, and to highlight the civic values embodied by the Olympics.

CASDEN has also called on athletes to take part in several events thanks to the support of the Banques Populaires and the Banque Populaire Foundation. Méril Loquette, a para-athlete (badminton) and Foundation award-winner, will be attending a project organized by a CASDEN delegate in Mériel, a town in the Val d’Oise département north of Paris.

Banque Palatine, for its part, has produced an encouragement video featuring the four Olympic & Paralympic athletes it sponsors and supports: Camille Jaguelin in para-dressage, Elodie Clouvel in modern pentathlon, Gaëlle Edon in para-shooting, and Nicolas Muller in golf

Finally, Alexandre Dipoko Ewane, a para-athlete sponsored by Crédit Coopératif via the Performance Pact Foundation, will be meeting one hundred and sixty 1st-year secondary school students studying in the town of Saint-Leu-la-Forêt in the Val d’Oise. This event will enable the top-level sportsman to share his experience with the students and talk to them about his career and forthcoming sporting challenges.

The #Mission30Minutes of Paris 2024

Considering that engaging young people’s support is a major objective for Paris 2024, an ambitious initiative entitled #Mission30Minutes has been organized with the help of the astronaut Thomas Pesquet. The aim is to organize as many 30-minute sessions as possible during the week in an attempt to equal the time it would take to complete two round trips to the Moon on foot, i.e. more than 16 million minutes*! A tremendous challenge!

There’s a lot going on during the Olympic & Paralympic Week!

For further details about Groupe BPCE’s partnership with the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024, click here!

* It would take 8 years to walk to the Moon, or 32 years to make 2 round trips, representing a distance of more than 1,500,000kms