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Senior Management

Thierry Cahn

Thierry Cahn

Chairman of Supervisory Board

Nicolas Namias

Nicolas Namias

Chairman of the Management Board


Owned jointly and equally by the Banque Populaire banks and Caisses d’Epargne, BPCE answers to the regulatory authorities for the Group’s capital adequacy, liquidity, and risk management. The expertise of BPCE employees is dedicated to serving the development of the Group and its companies.
The role and missions of BPCE are:

  • To develop a strategic vision and prepare for the future,
  • To be a common home for Retail Banking, a place where issues shared by the Banque Populaire banks and Caisses d’Epargne can be discussed,
  • To pool resources whenever this is the more appropriate decision to take,
  • To ensure the Group’s effective performance and sustainability, financially (of course) but also in terms of its people’s personal development.

Organization page

  July 31, 2009 creation of BPCE

(at 12/31/2022) 3,325 employees

SHAREHOLDERS 50% Banque Populaire banks – 50% Caisses d’Epargne  

Professional equality between men and women

Pursuant to French Law No. 2018-15 dated September 5, 2018 concerning the freedom to choose one’s professional future, companies with more than a required number of employees have compiled indicators to determine their level of commitment to professional equality between men and women. BPCE’s commitment in this area is reflected in a result of 94 points out of 100 in 2023. 

This index takes into account five differently weighted indicators: the gap between men and women’s pay (score: 39 out of 40), salary increases (20 out of 20), promotions (15 out of 15), salary increases upon return from maternity leave (15 out of 15), and the distribution of men and women in the ten highest pay levels (5 out of 10).

What is more, pursuant to Law No. 2021-1774 dated December 24, 2021 aimed at accelerating economic and professional equality that creates an obligation of balanced representation between women and men among senior executives and members of the management bodies of large companies, and includes an obligation of transparency in this area, BPCE has drawn up the following indicators: 

  • Senior executives: 31% women – 69% men
  • Management bodies: 33% women – 67% men